Noel Butlin Lecture

“The Economic Crisis in Korea during the 19th Century”

Professor Young Hoon Rhee (Seoul National University)                                                                                     

Professor Young Hoon Rhee

The 2013 Noel Butlin lecture will be given by Professor Young Hoon Rhee from Seoul National University. Professor Rhee is a leading economic historian of Korea. He published several books on various aspects of Korean economic history, including South Korea’s high-growth era during the 1960s-1980s, equity markets and banks, irrigation associations during the Japanese colonial era, and a cliometric analysis of the late-Chosun dynasty in the 18th and 19th centuries. In several articles he used a comparative approach, comparing aspects of Korean economic history with Japan and China. Professor Rhee is a recipient of the Hasung (霞城) Academic Foundation Award (1989) and the Chungram (靑藍) award of the Korean Economic Association (1990). He was President of the Korean Economic History Society (2002-2004) and has been a visiting fellow at overseas universities, including Kyoto University (Japan) and the University of Southern California (USA). He is currently associate editor of the Journal of Korean Historical Manuscripts and the Journal of Silhak Studies.

The Noel Butlin lecture issponsored by the Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand to commemorate the work of one of Australia’s foremost economic historians. Noel Butlin (1921-1991) was Professor of Economic History at the Australian National University during 1962-1982. Previous Noel Butlin lecturers were:

  • 2003 Jeffrey Williamson (Harvard University, USA)
  • 2006 Kaoru Sugihara (University of Osaka, Japan)
  • 2007 Douglas Irwin (Dartmouth College, USA)
  • 2008 Paul Johnson (Latrobe University, Australia)
  • 2009 Osamu Saito (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
  • 2010 Gary Hawke (Victoria University, New Zealand)
  • 2011 Barry Eichengreen (University of California Berkeley, USA)
  • 2012 Price Fishback (University of Arizona, USA)


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